sb beach

Sometimes Avon-by-the-Sea can feel like the town “Mayberry” from the Andy Griffith show.  A small quaint town where nothing changes very much.  But there are a few changes expected for our little town in 2016.

We had record numbers of day trippers visit our beach last summer and this has prompted a change in a few of the ordinances.  Large coolers will no longer be allowed on the beach.  There is now also an ordinance prohibiting tents.  These ordinances were created to help discourage the overcrowding on the beach.

Many of us were surprised to find out that the State of New Jersey had a Tidelands claim to certain shore properties.  Apparently parts of Avon were covered in water many moons ago and New Jersey owns that water! (If you need help determining if your property is affected, call me).

Two landmarks in Avon have some changes coming in 2016.  The Baptist Church is being purchased by the borough.  It is yet to be determined whether there will be a community center there or if it will be torn down and sold. The historic Norwood Inn was put up for sale late 2015 and quickly had multiple offers.  It is currently under contract.  Many rumors are around as to whether the buyer will keep it as a hotel/bar or knock it down and subdivide it into three lots.  It will be interesting to see what becomes of this great landmark!